Like all our performers, our Wedding DJs are quality assured. They have worked extensively in the bridal industry and they look, dress, and act the part of professional Wedding DJs. Our DJs are well groomed, punctual, skilled and enjoy their jobs and ensure they are set and ready well before your guests arrive. They will adjust the mood, music and volume to suit the atmosphere of your reception.


Our DJ/Musicians are exactly that… DJs that also incorporate an instrument into their live sets. The DJ/Musician is the new one man band… he’s able to skilfully create play lists like any other DJ but can also add a live element to create a unique vibe. If you don’t have the budget for a duo or larger band formation then the DJ/Musician could be the perfect solution for your reception.

DJ Band

With a DJ band you can mix and match your preference of musicians to suit your event or you can pick one of our pre-packaged bands below… take a DJ and add either Saxophone, Congas, Bongos, Trumpet, Keyboard, Guitar or a Vocalist. By far our most popular formation is a DJ with Sax and Percussion.

Duos & Trios

Two or three, the way to be. From acoustic duos to big band sounding trios, we have all types of duos and trios to suit your reception. If you don’t have the space or budget for a live band at your event they a duo or trio is a great compromise.


Can’t decide between a DJ or a Band? Why not have both! Lippsinc Bridal specialises in DJ/Musician combos and can provide a truly unique experience for your event. Simply select one of our DJs and choose as few or as many combinations as you wish to accompany. Whether you want all the classics for your event or more contemporary sounds, our Musicians can mix into whatever is playing and create a fantastic vibe for your reception.


When it comes to bands, the options can be overwhelming. We have made it our mission here at Lippsinc Bridal to take away the confusion of finding a great band, we want to make sure that you’ll find a band that’s sure to get your crowd moving, shaking and dancing. To that end we’ve compiled what we consider to be the best of the best from the Sydney band scene.


From Classical to retro, our String options can create a nice mood and atmosphere for your guests arrival at your reception. Having a great sounding String arrangement at the beginning of your event can help ease guests into a fantastic night of eating, drinking, socialising and dancing!

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